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Think of a team of which you are now or were in the past a member.   It may be a work team, an athletic or recreational team, a social team, or a school project team.    It may be one in which you had a good team experience and you produced favorable results, or it may be one in which you had a bad experience or which failed. Consider the Authority Matrix (Figure 2-1 on page 52 of your Hackman book) and determine the level of self-management of your team. Explain how you made that determination. Analyze your team and determine, using Hackman’s criteria, whether or not your team was a real team. Fully describe your team attributes and explain your evaluation of your team as a real team or as something less than a real team. If your team was not a real team, try to identify what your leader might have done differently to make it a real team. If it was a real team, identify what your leader did well to make it a real team.  Your initial posting, and all postings in this course, should be written in formal English and using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and word choice. Your answer should be at least 300 words.