2 peer responses due in 2 hours




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According to study.com, “…public speakers should adhere to five simple principles: trustworthiness, integrity in the subject matter, respect for others, dignity in conduct, and truthfulness in message” (Being an Ethical Speaker: Guidelines & Issues). The instructor’s presentation on ethics in speaking shared similar ideas. When preparing, a speaker should prepare a well-researched, factually sound speech. The speech should be delivered honestly, in information and emotions. 

It is a widely accepted truth that plagiarism is unethical. A speechwriter needs to be hypervigilant when including sources. In the Bible, Solomon says that there is nothing new under the sun. Actual verbiage differs depending on the version of the Bible being read. The idea applies here, give proper credit to the source referenced during the speech. 


“Being an Ethical Speaker: Guidelines & Issues.” Study.com, 8 April 2014, study.com/academy/lesson/being-an-ethical-speaker.html

The King James Version Bible, thekingjamesversionbible.com/ecclesiastes-1-9-10.


 While formulating my speech, I will keep in the forefront of my mind the tools for connection: ethos, logos, and pathos. I will heavily rely on ethos, which determines my credibility with my audience. I can do this by being honest and prepared in what I have to say, how my audience may receive said information, and ensuring to give credit to those whose ideas sparked my interest in the topic. It will be most successful if I am considerate of my message being a good reflection on my character, and again keeping in mind that this is received by the audience with respect for any cultural values and full-fledged honesty and preparedness. By focusing on these concepts, citing sources of information, and keeping the audience’s best interest in mind, I think that I will be setting myself up for an extremely successful speech. Failing to do any of these critical concepts may wreck my credibility with my audience for future speeches, so it is detrimental to put the effort in to be led by ethics when preparing for this speech.
I will say that I am a bit nervous, as this is one of the first speeches I will have to give since I was in high school, but I am excited to get to practice among peers in similar situations and who I know I can rely on to give feedback that will make me a stronger communicator.