1. retirees and americans 55 years and older are responsible for over


1. Retirees and Americans 55 years and older are responsible for over half of the nation’s wealth. Note: demographic questions will not suffice here.

? What is your current salary (annual)?

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? At what age do you expect to retire?

? When did you begin saving for retirement/open 401K?

? How much do you contribute to savings/401K?

2. Current banking and PayPal practices.

? How often do you participate in online shopping? Online banking?

? What technology device do you use the most when doing online banking or shopping? (iPhone, desktop, tablet, laptop, iPad) Why?

? Where do you usually do online banking or shopping? (At home, at work, while commuting, etc.)

? How do you protect sensitive or confidential information on your technology? (Passwords, folders, etc.)

3. Future banking and online banking products for the target market/market segment (ages 55 and older).

? Do you use a Smart Phone and if so which brand (iPhone, Android, Galaxy, etc.)?

? What do you use your Smart Phone for more commonly? (calls, text, camera, apps, games)

? What other (if any) type of devices do you commonly use? (iPad, tablet, desktop, laptop)

? How open/comfortable are you to new technology?

? Do you feel comfortable trusting technology with sensitive or confidential